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"Real Women Have Curves The Musical" at American Repertory Theatre
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“As Mrs. Wright, Yvette González-Nacer pumps out lots of high octane sass in “Be A Gringa,” a number that resonates with the spunk of early Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl era), which made her a one-of-a-kind star. “ - by David Greenham


“There’s a lot of comedy, particularly in the second act, but one song — performed by Mrs. Wright, the fabulous Yvette González -Nacer — about assimilating and becoming what she calls a gringa to become successful pinched the heart.” 
- by Jacquinn Sinclair 


“As the powerful Mrs. Wright, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer hilariously performs “Be a Gringa,” which extols the benefits of shucking cultural identity in favor of assimilation.” - bMichele Markarian 



"Mrs. Wright, the entrepreneurial dress broker with a Cruella de Vil and Miranda Priestly-like leadership M.O. – who perhaps “took advantage” of immigrants to advance her agenda and get the work done is played by multi-talented Yvette González-Nacer. She is a fabulous actor and singer, can tango up a thunderstorm, and plays a mean violin solo."


“Act Two begins with a heartfelt violin solo by Yvette González-Nacer (who also equally dazzles as manipulative magnate "Mrs. Wright") which seems all too brief.” - by Kevin T. Baldwin

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